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Cryptos Fund is a regulated cryptocurrency investment fund that tracks the CCi30® Cryptocurrencies Index.

Exposure to the Blockchain sector will diversify your portfolio

Diversification increases the efficiency of an investment portfolio, as demonstrated by Nobel Prize winner Harry Markowitz; this translates into higher returns and reduced risk. Cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology, the Blockchain, are an asset class completely uncorrelated to other investments, and as such represent the perfect addition to any portfolio.

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Cryptocurrency Index Fund: The simple, secure solution for portfolio diversification by investing in cryptocurrencies

To simplify Blockchain investing, we have created the Cryptos Fund – cryptocurrency index fund, which tracks the CCi30, an index that covers the top 30 cryptocurrencies in the market. A turnkey solution for investors, the CCi30 is comprised of currencies representing 90% of the global cryptocurrency market capitalization, meaning there is plenty of exposure to up-and-coming currencies with huge upside potential.

Cryptos Fund is a mutual fund registered in the Cayman Islands, subject to the regulation of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

The advantages of following a cryptocurrency index

Less volatility

Because it is comprised of multiple components, cryptocurrency index that is well balanced (not overly exposed to one or a few components) tends to be less vulnerable to price volatility than an individual currency.


Higher returns

Historically, an index tends to have more attractive returns (i.e., a higher Sharpe ratio) than an individual currency. And it has been proven that index trackers historically achieve higher returns than actively managed portfolios in all asset classes. Not by chance, index funds, pioneered by John Bogle's Vanguard, have consistently outperformed all active managed funds.


Low fees

Because the crypto index fund passively tracks the CCi30 index, transaction costs and management fees are kept to a minimum. The annual management fee – 0.99% – makes it the least expensive cryptocurrency index fund in the sector. And of course no performance fees are charged.


Maximum protection

Most investors don’t want to or are not allowed to buy and hold cryptocurrencies directly. The Cryptos Fund cryptocurrency index fund offers “delta” security, the highest level of armed forces protection. We handle the purchase, sale, and maintenance of assets and the periodic re-balancing of the portfolio.

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The first regulated Cryptocurrency Index Fund

The Cryptos Fund is the brainchild of a team of leading academics, quants and security experts based in Zug, Switzerland, and Princeton, USA.

No single investor can realistically own multiple crypto currencies directly. It requires time and experience to buy different cryptocurrencies and keep the portfolio balanced. There are also technical and security requirements that only a dedicated professional structure can meet. Through our cryptocurrency index fund, anyone can gain exposure to a wide set of currencies, benefitting from interest in cryptos while reducing the volatility inherent in these currencies.

Jeffrey Zorn, Chairman:
"The question is no longer if, but how much to invest”

The Cryptos Fund is lead by 3 experienced individuals with deep domain expertise in mission-critical areas:

Jeffrey Zorn, Chairman:
"The question is no longer if, but how much to invest”

Our Cryptocurrency Index Fund's Products

Class A

Tracks the CCi30 index of the 30 main cryptocurrencies. The portfolio is rebalanced monthly and its composition is recomputed quarterly, following the rules of the CCi30 index. Class A boasts a low management fee (0.99%), no performance fees, and requires a minimum investment of US$100,000. Redemptions can also be processed in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

USA Feeder

Cryptos Fund (US) is our USA-based entity that mirrors the activity of Class A. It is available to US and non-US qualified investors. The minimum investment in this vehicle is $10,000.


Another way to invest in cryptocurrency index fund is via a certificate listed on a stock exchange. The certificate invests in the Cryptos Fund so provides exposure to the same strategy but allows participation by investors or entities (e.g. certain institutional investors) who are not permitted or simply prefer not to buy the fund directly. The certificate is like any listed security in terms of its liquidity and transferability.


For those interested in using cryptocurrencies for business transactions, we offer fee-based consulting services to help you get started.

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A fund devoted to cryptocurrencies requires maximum security. Jeff Zorn has used his vast knowledge and experience to provide the cryptocurrency index fund with an airtight "military level" security platform including:

Secure custody

All the assets reside on the blockchain, and can be accessed only via our strict security procedures, based on an improved version of the Glacier Protocol. This also allows for total transparency, realtime accounting and auditing. Counterparty risk has been neutralized.

Cold storage, multiple hardware wallets

Purpose-built, tamper-proof wallets designed specifically for digital currencies. These hardware wallets hold private keys and digital signatures in secure, offline devices, not connected to the Internet and thus secured against theft. The risk of hacking has been neutralized.

Secret locations

The physical devices are stored in multiple secret locations, protected with military-grade security. Redundancy, secrecy and security make our operations watertight. Physical risk has been neutralized.

Business continuity, disaster recovery plans

Cryptos Fund has engaged in detailed business continuity and disaster recovery planning. We can’t say what’s going to happen to the world but if worst comes to worse, at least our cryptocurrency index fund – and your investment – will be safe.

These measures represent a level of security of our cryptocurrency index fund that substantially exceeds current industry offerings and is far greater than any investor could realistically achieve individually – and it is absolutely the level of security now required for success in the crypto-investing space.

The top 10 reasons why NOT to invest in Cryptos Fund

Being an index fund, we are boring:

  1. We don’t attend conferences, events, public meetings, TV interviews.

  2. We don’t send out market commentaries and forecasts.

  3. We are unable to predict the future.

  4. We don’t organize webinars.

  5. We will never outperform the market.

  1. We don’t take any trading decision: we passively follow the CCi30 cryptocurrency index.

  2. We have no idea of what the “fair value” of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies is.

  3. We don’t have a clue of where the market is going.

  4. We don’t have fancy offices.

  5. We don’t invest in ICOs.

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ISIN Code KYG2577B1077
Cusip Number G2577B 107
Bloomberg Ticker CRYPTOS KY
FATCA GIIN T53AV1.99999.SL.136

ISIN Code KYG2577B1077 Cusip Number G2577B 107
Bloomberg Ticker CRYPTOS KY FATCA GIIN T53AV1.99999.SL.136
  • Cryptos fund Switzerland addressGotthardstrasse 26, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
    Cryptos fund phoneTel: +41.445.853.445
  • Cryptos fund address USA5 Independence Way, Princeton NJ 08540, USA
    Cryptos fund phoneTel: +1.609.375.8508
  • Cryptos fund Czechia addressKoubkova 1726/8, 12000 Prague, Czechia
    Cryptos fund phoneTel: +420 728 426 855
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