The solution for investing in the Blockchain

Cryptos Fund is a regulated investment fund
that passively replicates the CCI30 Cryptocurrencies Index

ISIN: KYG2577B1077

Diversify Your Portfolio with exposure to the Blockchain

It’s not your imagination: these days you’re hearing about cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain a lot more. No surprise: Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are an asset class completely uncorrelated to other investments, and the most investable expression of the Blockchain. So by investing in them, you gain the security of a diversified portfolio – and the opportunity for huge gains from this new and thriving sector of the economy.

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Introducing the Cryptos Fund: The easy, secure way to invest in cryptocurrencies

awardTo simplify cryptocurrency investing, we’ve created the Cryptos Fund, which tracks the CCI30, an index that covers the top 30 cryptocurrencies in the market. A turnkey solution for investors, the CCI30 is comprised of currencies representing 90% of the global cryptocurrency market capitalization, meaning there is plenty of exposure to up-and-coming currencies with huge upside potential.

The advantages of following a cryptocurrency index

The Cryptos Fund offers investors the advantages of an index, as opposed to investing in individual assets:

  • Less volatility: Because it is comprised of multiple components, an index tends to be less vulnerable to price volatility than an individual currency.
  • Higher returns: Historically, an index tends to have more attractive returns (i.e., a higher Sharpe ratio) than an individual component. And it has been proven that passive index trackers historically achieve higher returns than actively managed portfolios in all asset classes.
  • Less trading, lower fees: Because the fund passively tracks the CCI30 index, transaction costs and management fees are kept to a minimum. Cryptos’ annual management fee – 0.99% – makes it the least expensive fund in the sector. And of course no performance fees are charged.
  • Banking-level security with no hassle: Most investors don’t want to or are not allowed to buy and hold Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly. The Cryptos Fund handles the purchase, sale and maintenance of assets.

Connect to the wider Blockchain sector – automatically

Because the underlying CCI30 index tracks nearly the entire cryptocurrency sector, the Cryptos Fund automatically keeps investors connected to developments in this fast-changing market. Sector-specific news events – e.g., prominent investors taking large positions in a currency – are “priced in,” so Cryptos Fund investors enjoy the benefits, passively.

The minimum investment in the Cryptos Fund is $100,000.