A Stellar Team. A Secure Platform.

Brains and technology

at its essence, that is what a fund is. The brains generate ideas, the technology implements those ideas and assures the necessary security.

At Cryptos Fund, we are taking advantage of brainpower from both internal and external sources. Of course we have our own team’s brains – more on them in a moment – but, as an index-tracker, we are also drawing on the index’s mental horsepower, as it is the index that sets the formula for which cryptocurrencies to buy in which amounts, and when and how to rebalance its holdings.


The Cryptos Fund is run by three key individuals who are responsible for strategy, implementation and security:

  • Igor Rivin, Professor of Mathematics at Temple University and Regius Professor at St. Andrews University. Rivin is one of the world’s most respected mathematicians. Recognized for his skills at the intersection of mathematics and finance, Professor Rivin is responsible for the research and theoretical underpinnings of the Cryptos Fund.
  • Carlo Scevola, an early adopter of e-currencies, experienced investor and trader, and an internationally recognized provider of legal and financial advisory services. Scevola is responsible for asset management and fund organization.
  • Jeffrey Zorn, global security expert. Formerly the military aide to the U.S. president charged with carrying the nuclear “football,” Zorn now consults with governments and foreign nations on a wide range of issues related to cybersecurity and threat identification and neutralization. He is responsible for all security aspects of the fund.

Cold storage, secret locations, multiple hardware wallets

Of course a fund devoted to cryptocurrencies requires maximum strength, banking-level security. Partner Jeff Zorn has used his vast knowledge and experience to provide the fund with an airtight security platform including:

  • Cold storage. Currencies are reserved on secure offline servers, not connected to the Internet and thus secured against hacking and theft.
  • Multiple hardware wallets. Purpose-built, tamper-proof wallets designed specifically to hold digital currencies. These hardware wallets hold private keys and digital signatures in secure, offline devices.
  • Secret locations. As you might suspect, having gone to the trouble to create special wallets and store them offline, we don’t go around telling anyone the location of those physical devices. Jeff Zorn knows the locations but good luck trying to pry that information out of him. He could tell you – but then he’d have to … you know.
  • Business continuity, disaster recovery plans. You’re not the only one who’s noticed the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Cryptos Fund has engaged in detailed business continuity and disaster recovery planning. We can’t say what’s going to happen to the world but if worst comes to worse, at least our fund – and your investment – will be safe.

The above measures represent a level of security far greater than any investor realistically could achieve individually – and it is absolutely the level of security Cryptos Fund demands.