The Cryptos Fund

The smartest way to invest in Cryptocurrency

Are you interested in the cryptocurrency sector but not sure where to start?

Do you want to invest, but unsure of which currency to pick or how?

Do you want to be involved in this sector bu’t don’t have the time or expertise to manage a portfolio?

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A passive index tracker

Invest into a regulated fund

The Cryptos Fund is the first and only regulated Cryptocurrency fund and last year won the Barclays Hedge 2017 best performing fund award with returns of over 4800%.

The fund tracks the top 30 cryptocurrencies meaning:

  • You get access to all the major currencies in one simple portfolio
  • Any new emerging currencies will get automatically added for you
  • You don’t have to worry about managing your portfolio of cryptocurrencies or keeping up to date. It is stress free investing.

Fund details

Benchmark CCi30 Index
Fund size $12m
Management fee 0.99%
Minimum investment $100,000
ISIN KYG2577B1077

Top 10 holdings


Why follow an index

Less volatility

Because it is comprised of multiple components, an index that is well balanced (not overly exposed to one or a few components) tends to be less vulnerable to price volatility than an individual currency.

Higher returns

Historically, an index tends to have more attractive returns than an individual currency. And it has been proven that index trackers historically achieve higher returns than actively managed portfolios in all asset classes. Not by chance, index funds, pioneered by John Bogle's Vanguard, have consistently outperformed all active managed funds.

Less trading, lower fees

Because the fund passively tracks the CCi30 index, transaction costs and management fees are kept to a minimum. The annual management fee - 0.99% - makes it the least expensive fund in the sector and of course there are no performance or redemption fees charged.

Duncan Scott

Business Development Director

The Cryptos Fund

020 3488 0701

Duncan Scott

If you have any questions about The Cryptos Fund, investing or would like more information please do get in touch.

After working in Wealth Management for 6 years and starting 2 successful businesses, I joined The Cryptos Fund earlier this year, working with clients to identify the right investment solution for them. I am a Chartered Wealth Manager and have qualifications in investments and pensions.

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