Nasdaq Exec: Exchange Is ‘All-In’ on Using Blockchain Technology

Nasdaq’s Head of Blockchain Product Management, Johan Toll, told the Street recently that his company is “all in” on using blockchain technology for its own transactions, as well as supporting external marketplaces that are moving into blockchain-based solutions.

Nasdaq first deployed blockchain technology on the secondary market it built, the New York Interactive Advertising Exchange, which lets advertisers buy, sell and re-sell advertising inventory. Blockchain has since powered billions of dollars in digital advertising and radio and television commercials re-sold under guaranteed contracts on the exchange.
But Nasdaq now also has some surprising collaborations underway with financial institutions — including one with Citigroup , which is one of several big banks that have banned the purchase of cryptocurrency by customers using their credit cards. Nasdaq and Citi announced an integrated payment solution to trade securities internationally that combines Citi’s commercial, multi-currency payments network with Nasdaq’s blockchain technology. 
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